185846_2Your plot of land, a backyard and a two car garage, and a detached house in the middle of it. That’s the dream that many people work and save towards. But that specific image in the minds of America’s future house buyers doesn’t have to be the only goal. There’s a much wider range of property options that could be more desirable or suitable than a house. As the condo market continues to expand and diversify,
they’re well worth investigating.

Real estate agents meet many potential buyers who walk in with a long-held dream of owning a house and the piece of land it sits on. But that doesn’t necessarily suit your personality or the way you and your friends and family live your lives. It may not even have been ideal for your parents, which is most likely where the dream grew from.

Here we discuss some considerations, advantages, and disadvantages of houses and condos, with some ideas from a real estate agent based in Las Vegas.


A house offers the greatest freedom for a property owner to apply their design and style ideas to the property. That applies to the outside as well when you own the whole building. A condo owner would have already decided on the features and look of the building and written thcouple-outside-condoe rules about what modifications can be made. With a house, you have complete control over the appearance and decoration of the home, the only limits being keeping in line with city bylaws.

With choice comes responsibility, though, and the property owner would take care of any issues with the roof or structure of the house. A house makes a good choice if you’re comfortable with paying for everyday upkeep and any emergency repairs. If you are competent and equipped to attempt maintenance and handiwork yourself, it’s attractive.

It also gives you the freedom of a little space and privacy to do what you like, when you like and a bit louder, without upsetting the neighbors.


If you want a turnkey lifestyle and as much free time as you can get, then a condo is a great solution.

Maybe you have a busy working and social life, or not so skilled with your hands or physically able to carry out your upgrades and work on the property. Some may thrive on planning and organizing home maintenance projects; others hate the thought of them and just want everything sorted out by somebody else.

There can be some great perks to make a living easy in a condo. Party rooms and facilities, gyms and pools and other amenities may come as standard, or as membership options right outside your front door.

Condos can be a great way to meet loads of new neighbors and discover common interests and friendships. Some buyers may find the density of population too great and other people a little too close at hand for their privacy.

The repair bills will be less of a shock than with a house, but there will be monthly maintenance fees to make the easy lifestyle possible, and these – plus potential increases – must be factored into the cost of any condo.

A property that’s ready to go without any upgrading decorating or hidden maintenance bills are very attractive, as is the immediate membership of a large community with its amenities and leisure.

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